Reasons Why Air Conditioners are Great to Have in Your Home

If you have a window air conditioner, you know how much of a blessing it is to have air conditioning at home during the dog days of summer. But did you know that ACs can also be affordable, quiet, and efficient? Read more to learn why ACs are so great and how to find the best unit for your needs. If you’re thinking about purchasing an AC, here are some reasons you should consider:

A Welcome Respite

The summer months are notorious for their high temperatures and a reliable air conditioner is an essential part of a comfortable home. This appliance is often referred to as the “Dog Days of Summer,” and its reliable operation helps make a home more comfortable. But proper maintenance is crucial. In order to keep your air conditioner operating efficiently, replace it at least once every 30 days. You can cut energy consumption by five to fifteen percent by changing the filter, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Blue-type filters are much more effective than expensive pleated filters.

They’re Affordable

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If you’re new to the AC market, you may wonder why these cooling systems are so good. First, consider that these ACs are incredibly energy efficient. Because of their high efficiency, they will keep working during periods of power failure due to high outdoor temperatures. They also feature quiet operation and the strong fan blowing power. Ultimately, you’ll be glad you made the investment. But what else should you look for in an AC?

They’re Efficient

The growing demand for air conditioners has been a critical blind spot in the energy debate. Setting higher efficiency standards for ACs will reduce the need for new power plants while reducing emissions. More efficient ACs will also save money on fuel, operating, and investment costs. The Future of Cooling is the second report from the IEA addressing this blind spot. The next report will be on petrochemicals. While the report’s conclusions are somewhat surprising, they do show that ACs are efficient.

New high-efficiency air conditioners outperform their predecessors and use advanced technologies. Variable-speed blowers and outdoor condensing units are the keys to high-efficiency air conditioners. The indoor variable-speed blower, controller, and thermostat all play a role in maintaining optimal comfort levels. These air conditioners are capable of variable-speed operation, which allows them to maintain a comfortable temperature without compromising on cooling. This means they can conserve energy while still delivering cooling and heating that meets your needs.

They’re Quiet

If you are tired of your old air conditioner, it’s time to buy a new one. Unlike earlier models, modern ACs are much quieter. They don’t exceed 60 decibels, the volume of normal conversation. In the past, you would have to suffer through the noise produced by a 70-decibel unit. Today, new models have a specialized mode that reduces noise levels.

In-room air conditioners have blower fans. The quietest ones have variable-speed blowers that do not run at full blast. Not only does this increase comfort, but it can also save energy. Noise-reducing fan blades are also available. In addition, they reduce overall system noise. All of these features make indoor air conditioners much quieter. But don’t overlook the other features of quieter ACs.

Some ACs are so quiet because they are built for low noise levels. They’re also more energy-efficient than their predecessors. Some even have sleep modes, which reduce the noise level without sacrificing the cooling power. For those who like to sleep in a quiet bedroom, the sleeping mode can be a big help. The DeLonghi Sleep Mode makes the whole appliance quieter, but sacrifices some power, while the Black & Decker Sleep Mode slows the temperature as you sleep. Remote control makes it possible to control the temperature even when you’re in bed.

A low-decibel AC unit won’t disrupt your life. But don’t ignore other factors when shopping for an AC. Decibel levels are not always correlated with the efficiency of the AC unit. A less-efficient window air conditioner, for example, may be incredibly quiet, while an inefficient unit can be noisy. Likewise, an efficient window AC can be noisy, but its parts are often small and inconsequential.

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