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These are the 5 leading music genres

Any musician who is looking to have a successful career must identify a particular music genre that they will focus on which will then become what they will be identified with by their fans. This is because music is universal and has very many different genres so you therefore can’t afford to be a jack of all trades. Specializing in a particular genre helps you have a specific audience who you will focus all your energy on.

This article looks at the 5 leading music genres in the world.

5 Blues

Blues are a very popular type of music among fans on the global music landscape, and it has been around since early in the 19th century. This is the typeof music that will focus on melody and seeks to target the emotions of the listener. A number of modern day genres have actually been influenced by blues.

gen2 - These are the 5 leading music genres

4 Classical

Classical music can be a very unique at the same time complex genre of music because it will vary depending on the cultural context where it exists. Every country that has classical music will always incorporate a couple of things that are unique to their culture and traditions to this music genre. It’s however believed that pop culture is likely to cause the decline of this genre.

3 Pop

Popular music or simply pop is the preferred music for young people around the globe. It emerged in America back in the 50s and grew to become a global sensation. Many of the songs that have gone on to top global charts are usually from this genre. Part of the reason for its popularity is that it focuses on day to day aspects of life such as joy, love, struggle and pain which many people can relate to.

gen - These are the 5 leading music genres

2 Rock

Rock is another very popular genre that also originated in America back in the 50s from another American craze known as rock and roll. This genre gained a lot of popularity especially young adults and teenagers at the time, and has gone on to attract an even wider audience.

1 Jazz

Jazz is undeniably the world’s most popular music genre. Tracing its origin back to America specifically among the African American community in New Orleans, this genre was composed of smooth, calm, and very melodic sounds that were mostly produced by the use of instruments like trumpets, violins, and flutes, among others. Modern genres such as hip hop and RnB will definitely trace their origins in jazz.

There you have it, the 5 leading genres in the world.

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