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Musical instruments you should consider learning to play

One of the best ways to come up with ideas for a new song is usually through playing a musical instrument which helps you come up with a new tune. This is one of the reasons why as a musician you should learn to play at least one musical instrument. Generally, many musicians will rely on their voice alone to produce music but you’ll soon realize that if you can play an instrument as well, you will always compose better music.

This article will look at 4 instruments you should consider learning to play as they can greatly enhance your creativity during song composition.

keyboard - Musical instruments you should consider learning to play

1 Playing the keyboard

The keyboard is basically an electronic version of a piano which enables you to have a versatile, portable, dynamic as well as low maintenance musical instrument that is fairly easy to operate. With the aid of a keyboard, a musician can be able to come up with a wide variety of tunes within any music genre as literally all musical instruments have been programmed into a keyboard. It’s also an easier way to learn how to play the piano.

2 Playing the piano

The piano is no doubt one of the most popular musical instruments especially if you are the type of musician who enjoys creative expression. Many musicians actually say that if you ever desire to stretch your versatility as a musician, the piano is the musical instrument you should embrace.

guitar - Musical instruments you should consider learning to play

3 Playing the classical guitar

One of the best ways to improve your act on stage and engage your audience more in a very emotional way is incorporating a classical guitar in your act. It produces really good melodic sounds which if you learn how to come up with them, will also greatly improve your process of song composition.

4 Playing the electric guitar

This is the ideal musical instrument you can switch to once you can play the classical guitar. They are much similar instruments with the primary difference being that this version of the guitar is electronically powered therefore the vibrations or electronic pulses it produces are what are converted into sound. This type of guitar is likely to give you options compared to the classical guitar.

These are just a few of the musical instruments you can learn how to play quickly but you should keep in mind that there are many more instruments available. Your choice will mostly be influenced by the type of tunes you are looking to come up with as well as a passion for the instrument. In most cases, you will know the moment you play the instrument for the first time.

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