Top 8 Essential Gear for RVers

RVing can be daunting for newcomers, so having these essential items handy will make life on the road much simpler. From feeling more at home in your rig to saving you time or money later on.

Backup cameras are essential tools for RVers. These systems help eliminate blind spots, making reversing easier than ever before.

1. A Step Stool

Be it traveling with children or animals, having an easy and safe way to enter and exit an RV is key. A step stool like Mor/Ryde provides an efficient and secure method of getting in while still easily storing away.

Camping off the grid means having access to clean drinking water at all times – having access to quality filters ensures this. With their ability to purify water quickly and reliably, filters ensure everyone and every pet in your group always have fresh, clean drinking water at their disposal.

An RV-specific GPS system is essential for anyone who enjoys boondocking and exploring more remote regions. A GPS system works without WiFi or cell service requirements, making navigation of out-of-the-way locations much simpler. Furthermore, monitoring tire pressure and temperature helps to prevent costly tire damage and saves on tire maintenance expenses.

2. Museum Putty

RVing can be an exhilarating way to travel, but setting it all up takes time and can be tedious. To ease the process, consider investing in some essential RV items that will make life simpler for yourself.

Hiding decor in an RV can be challenging when using traditional methods like screw or picture hangers that leave holes behind. Adhesive hangers offer an easier solution that allows lightweight items to be displayed without damaging walls and damaging RV walls.

Putty, also known as museum gel or Quake Hold, is a blend of rubber used by museums to keep items in their exhibits from shifting around. Available online and at hardware stores for under $10, this putty holds up well and can easily be removed from surfaces; you could even use it as weights to prevent paintings from falling off walls!

3. Laptop Desk

Many RVs come equipped with laptop trays to hold your computer, but if you prefer something more comfortable than that, consider this monitor arm. It supports most monitors on the market that are VESA compatible, and installs with C clamp or grommet mounting options on any desk surface.

Adjustable legs and desktop tilt adjustment give you complete control to find a suitable work position without direct lap contact, helping prevent heat build-up during long study or work sessions. Additional features include cup slot for coffee mug storage as well as document drawer for safekeeping of important documents.

Other models provide extra useful features, like a pull-out drawer for essentials and rubber feet to keep it stable on uneven surfaces. You could even use it as a breakfast tray when camping!

4. Corner Guards

Preventative maintenance can make all the difference for an enjoyable RV camping experience. Corner guards are one of the best accessories for rv because of their cost-effective and simple solution to protect walls in high impact areas from scratches, dents and other forms of damage caused by collisions.

Jack pads are an essential addition to any RV, especially if camping on soft ground such as grass, dirt or sand. By creating a larger footprint for tongue jacks and stabilizing jacks to act on, they reduce their tendency to sink into soft surfaces or damage paved surfaces and should therefore provide greater stability for RV parking on rough surfaces.

Corner protectors are simple to install and come in multiple height options to meet the unique requirements of your facility based on wall materials, traffic levels and other considerations. Select one that best meets these specifications to add an additional layer of coverage for maximum safety. For added peace of mind, surface protective films or masking could offer even further coverage.

5. Tap Lights

An RV essential is a water pressure regulator. This device reduces water flow when there is high pressure at a campsite and should meet low lead requirements so you can use it with drinking water. When choosing one for use with drinking water, look for brass models with low lead content if possible.

Wheel chocks are essential in order to prevent your trailer from moving while parked, making parking easy. Easy installation and storage underneath your RV make them a necessity.

Lighting, first aid kits, and emergency supplies should also be considered essential when camping; you never know what will come your way and it is best to be prepared. Carrying an extra battery, jumper cables and rechargeable flashlight could prove especially helpful in case your RV’s battery dies unexpectedly or you need emergency power for lights or appliances.

6. An RV-Specific GPS

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Whenever traveling for extended periods, having a GPS device can be extremely beneficial. Garmin, the industry leader in navigation products, offers an RV-specific device compatible with Bluetooth so that notifications and calls can be received without having to look away from the road.

This unit includes RV-friendly routing tips and an inventory of services and amenities, unlike many others available, it takes propane, height and weight restrictions into consideration when plotting routes.

This GPS features the smallest screen among our selection, yet is still easy to use and offers all essential RVing features. Plus, its shock mount secures it firmly to the dashboard!

7. CO/Propane/Smoke Detectors

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be deadly; having an RV CO detector installed in your vehicle is one of the best ways to guard against its potentially fatal effects. This plug-in carbon monoxide detector features easy installation and comes equipped with a backup battery in case of power outages; additionally, its red LED and horn will indicate when carbon monoxide or propane gas have been detected along with an end-of-life alert to let you know when its time for replacement.

Smoke detectors are essential items for RVers who plan on dry camping or boondocking. This specific smoke detector features both ionization and photoelectric technologies for optimal detection of any fire-induced particles produced during combustion processes.

8. Sewer Hoses

One of the essential RV items is a high-quality sewer hose. A bad sewer hose can create all sorts of problems, from unpleasant odors to cracked ends which spill waste everywhere.

An effective hose will also assist with more efficiently emptying your tanks. Look for one with a smooth interior to avoid particles or residue getting trapped in crevices and getting caught between its fibers.

As well, consider how far away your dump station hookups will be from your RV sewer port. If they’re far apart, a longer hose might be necessary; two 10-foot-long sections would work nicely here. Be sure to choose one featuring extra secure CAM fittings with built-in shutoff valve. Also don’t forget Sewer Fitting Wrenches to make removal of those pesky bayonet fittings easier!

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