7 Reasons to Book Your Next Trip With a Travel Agency

Travel agents, or travel advisors, can offer a variety of services to make sure that your vacation is as perfect as possible. They’re able to get you added amenities, upgrades and even event tickets that aren’t available online.

Plus, they’re immersed in travel full-time and are aware of details that you might miss when researching on your own.

1. They Save You Time

Whether it’s planning the entire itinerary or just booking your flight and hotel, travel agents know how to find the best deals and create an experience that’s uniquely tailored to you. Plus, they’re on top of the latest news and updates in the industry, so you don’t have to worry about things like changing weather patterns or safety concerns.

In addition to saving you time, working with a travel agency can actually save you money. Travel agents often have access to special deals or discounts that aren’t available online, and they can use their relationships with hotels, airlines, and other providers to secure perks for you like free upgrades, room credits, or spa treatments. Plus, if you’re using an agency that belongs to a larger travel consortium like Virtuoso or Travel Leaders Network, they may be able to offer even more exclusive perks.

2. They’re More Knowledgeable

Travel agents often attend educational training sessions or go on company-sponsored trips to gain knowledge about the destinations they sell. This means they have first-hand experience with hotels and resorts, airlines, cruise lines, and theme parks. This makes them experts in their field and can offer you tips and recommendations that you may not find on your own.

In addition, many travel agencies have established relationships with these companies, meaning they can get you deals that aren’t available to the general public. This could be in the form of perks like onboard credit, room upgrades, or free activities. Travel agents also stay on top of new discounts, and they can pass these savings onto you. An article entitled “Is Super Travel Legit” can help you decide whether you should avail of their services for the betterment of your travel journey.

Travel agents have years of experience planning trips for all types of travelers. They know the ins and outs of what each destination has to offer, including their best-value attractions. Additionally, they can offer you alternate options if something goes wrong during your trip. This is especially important during this COVID-19-affected time, when travel restrictions are constantly changing.

3. They’re More Flexible

Travel agents often work with a large volume of bookings and can leverage this to get you better deals. The savings can be passed on in the form of free cruise onboard credit, airline credits, hotel upgrades and much more. They can also negotiate with hotels, airlines and car rental companies to save you money on airfare, hotel rates, and tour packages.

While online travel services do offer some flexibility, they can sometimes charge more in the way of fees to change or cancel a trip. Travel agencies, on the other hand, usually don’t charge extra for their services and will only charge you a nominal planning fee to book your vacation.

Plus, travel agents are always in the know when it comes to natural or man-made issues that could impact your vacation plans. They will keep you updated and provide you with new options to ensure you still have a great trip despite the circumstances. They can even help you find a flight that allows you to get into your destination with minimal delays while providing you with a smooth ride home. That is the true benefit of booking with a travel agent rather than an online service.

4. They’re More Affordable

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Travel agents work with lots of different suppliers, including airlines, hotels, cruises and tour companies. They often get deals that they then pass on to their clients. This is similar to how a store gets a discount on the goods they buy in bulk and then passes it on to customers.

For example, a travel agent might know that if you book a cruise with their partner company they can offer you some extras like upgraded cabins or free drinks. This is something that you could not find on your own without calling each individual supplier.

Another way that a travel agent can save you money is by including transfers in their packages. This is a cost that you would not usually encounter when booking online.

Whether you’re going on a family trip or a honeymoon, a travel agency can help with all of the planning to give you a stress-free vacation. They can even assist with business trips if you want to make sure that your employees are getting the best possible service while abroad. In the current climate, it’s more important than ever to support your local travel agencies and their staff. After all, they’re the people who are looking after you when things go wrong — and they’re always working hard to make your trip the best it can be!

5. They’re More Organized

Travel agencies often juggle multiple trips for different clients at once, which means they need to be incredibly organized and capable of handling a high volume of booking information. In addition, they also need to be detail-oriented so they can ensure that all the pieces of a trip come together perfectly.

In addition, travel agents typically have access to discounts that regular travelers don’t. This is because travel agencies work with the same suppliers (airlines, hotels, cruises, tours, etc.) over time, which allows them to build relationships and negotiate deals on your behalf. This translates into better prices for you!

Another perk of working with a travel agency is having someone to call in an emergency. Even the most well-planned trips can encounter hiccups, and in this post-COVID world, it’s important to have a trusted partner to turn to for assistance. Travel agents can provide expert advice, answer questions, and help resolve issues that may arise. This is especially beneficial if you’re traveling abroad, as locals can be difficult to communicate with when trying to navigate unfamiliar territory.

6. They’re More Trustworthy

Unlike the faceless entities that provide travel services online, travel agents are real people and they know that their reputations depend on keeping customers happy. That’s why the best travel agents keep close tabs on customer feedback and strive to meet or exceed expectations.

A good travel agent will always be on top of details and stay in touch until your trip is firmly set. But if you’re working with an agent who is slow to respond, proposes flights that fail to satisfy your travel constraints, or misses other important details, it might be time to switch to a different agency.

A travel agent’s job is to ensure that you have a stress-free, enjoyable trip. This is especially important in today’s post-COVID world, where travel restrictions and requirements are constantly changing. So even the most well-planned trips can experience hiccups, and having someone who can step in and help get you back on track is invaluable.

7. They’re More Flexible

Travel agencies can offer more flexible options than the airlines. For example, they can offer you the option to change your departure date or even cancel a flight and get a credit towards another one in the future. This is a huge benefit, especially during busy times or in the event of a natural disaster.

Additionally, many travel agents work with local suppliers to book tours and activities on your behalf. Oftentimes they can also provide you with exclusive deals and discounts that aren’t available online. They may also be able to save you money by booking flights and accommodations during off-peak periods or on certain days of the week.

Finally, travel agents are able to negotiate rates due to their high volume of business. This is especially beneficial for business travelers as it allows them to save money on airfare, hotels, and car rentals.

The most important thing to remember is that a travel agent can help you plan the vacation of your dreams. They have extensive knowledge of destinations and can recommend the best experiences based on your personal preferences. Plus, they can handle the entire planning process from start to finish. That’s why it’s worth paying a little extra to get the peace of mind that comes with having someone on your side.

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